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My story in a nut shell….

Basically, I have been told by my Spiritual Team consisting of…. The Council of Nine, The Lemurian Star Mothers, Archangel Michael, Merlin, The Elementals and many others, who are part of my higher self, that I am an activator on an earth mission to activate as many souls as possible to raise their vibration in order to move to the New 5D Earth. I am to do this through my artwork. They give me a vision and show me what to create and I then work the clay to form a tile. The Artwork has light codes in them to help people raise their vibration.

So, go ahead and take in the codes. Each person who views this will get the codes they need from it. These tiles are made in a limited edition so that more than one person can purchase them and my team has also guided me to create a pocket-sized miniature of each tile I create so that as many people that need the codes can afford to have one.

If you want to hear more of my story. Please join me either LIVE or in the replays on my YouTube page as I evolve on my ascension journey. 

The larger Tiles fully framed are €250 plus shipping, unframed are €200 plus shipping and the pocket-sized versions are €25 plus shipping. I sell them through PayPal or bank transfer. If you’re in another country outside Ireland your local currency exchange rate applies.

Intuitive One-off Commissioned Tile

I have been guided to start offering intuitive tiles. These tiles will be one off creation’s that I will intuitively create when I focus and connect to your energy. They will be either 9inx9in square or 10 12inx9 1/2in rectangle and fully customed framed. Each tile will be different according to your needs and contain light codes specifically for you. I will also include a full intuitive reading about your tile. They will cost €500 plus shipping and will be created in order of booking. If you are interested in ordering your very own intuitive tile please let me know by private message or email.