In this section I have been guided to post the different Channelings that are coming through during my automatic writing sessions. I have been writing what looks like might be a possible book. I have no idea when or if the book will ever be published properly and been guided to simply share what’s coming through in blog format. At first when this started coming through I didn’t fully trust the process and second guessed myself. Since this processed started I had a Quantum Healing session and was connected to a lifetime when I was a High Priestess in the times of Lemuria where I was named Alana. I believe my aspect as Alana is the one I am channeling through automatic writing, as the material coming through is all about the times of Lemuria. Some of it comes through automatic writing and other parts filter through in visualizations and knowings. I give this information to you with no expectation as to what will happen from it and I hope that it will be something that many will benefit from.