Intuitive Readings

Chiron Wounding Intuitive Readings, by Robin

I have been guided by my Spirit Guides and my Higher Self to start doing Readings for the collective around your Chiron wounding, which you came into this lifetime to clear. Each person has come into the Earth plane to work thru a wounding that needs to be cleared in order for your soul to ascend to the next level. I will start offering private Readings around your wounding in order to help you work thru any issues you have in order to empower you to let go and raise your vibration.  These private readings will consist of 2 audio transmissions, the first one will explain your wounding in detail from information I received from the Book “Beyond Doorways”. I will then do a separate audio transmission which I will intuitively speak about your wounding in a more specific way and help guide you to how you are doing at this time around this wounding and anything that might come up as to how to assist you to release your wounding in an empowered way.

These readings cost €60 and can be paid through PayPal.

Please private message me on FB at Robin Nicole