Intuitive Readings and Private Sessions

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Private Session with Robin Nicole

I wanted to let you know what you can expect out of a private session with me, before you go forward and book one. These sessions are very different than what you may receive from other healers. I want to state first and foremost that I do not consider myself as a person who can heal you as we all have the ability to heal thyself. You can expect the session to last about one and a half hour. Although I start bringing in keys and codes as soon as you book. In saying that I can facilitate or bridge you to meet with your Spiritual Team, Your Higher Self or Oversoul. I do this by intuitively taking you into your personal healing chamber. When at your healing chamber your Team will come forward and I will channel a message from them to you. I also will do some crystal gazing on your behalf and explain to you whatever comes through. Crystal gazing is something they did way back in Lemurian times where I was a High Priestess named Alana. My Lemurian Aspect is what has showed me how to re-member how this was done, so that I can teach and use this tool today. If you are a person who wants to connect more directly to your Spiritual Team than maybe a session with me might help you do this. The guidance that usually comes through is meant to help you navigate a more direct future connection to your team, so that you can get direct answers from your guides more easily. You will hopefully trust more that what you are being guided to do on a day-to-day basis, is ultimately Divinely Led.

Cost of a Private Session with Robin Nicole


Session must be paid upon booking and is not refundable. If you need to change your session booking this is allowed afterwards. paid through my PayPal link located at the bottom of my home page. (please note you can use a credit card to pay this and don’t need a PayPal account)

Please let me know through email what day and time suit you best, with your location and time zone. I am in Ireland which is GMT time zone and I can only host a session between the hours of 10amGMT – 6pmGMT. Exluding Tuesdays. I will confirm if this day and time suits and send you a zoom link for the session through email.

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******If you prefer to book through my Divine Ray Store click on the link in the description in the above video and I will donate a portion of your session to the Divine Ray Projects…which will be funding New Earth projects to help re-build our Earth.******

I will do my best to help facilitate a bridge between you and your Spiritual Team. All of the information and advice given in this session is intended for guidance only. You are reminded that it is up to you to use your own discernment on anything that is discussed in your session and to take with you what resonates and let the rest go. I offer guidance and support for the highest best for you. It is not intended any substitute or replacement for any legal, financial, medical or other such advice, that you may need to take.

Client Testimonials

“I really didn’t know what to expect. My personal journey of revelations was unexpectedly clear, uplifting, inviting a myriad of emotions and timely. Robin creates a safe space for you to dive into your unseen selves. Anyone seeking ancestral, galactic, elemental or starseed connections will no doubt be amazed by her accurate and detailed channel. Pure of Spirit and kind, Robin is the Real Deal. For me, Robin is a True Guardian Keeper of Crystal Scrying & Elemental Sacred Knowledge.  I found her alchemy, Magickal.  I would book another session with her or take one of her classes.”  Ritza Elizabeth/Coyote Heart

“I Just want to Thank Robin Nicole for the beautiful session I had. I received the most precious messages from my guides! The gifts they gave me is LOVE OF SELF. I am forever thankful! Now! I am ready for my Journey to begin. And contribute to the world. Robin Nicole is a beautiful soul! She has so much to offer to her sisters and brothers and fellow light-workers. Shine your Light! As Robin would say.” Lisa Barker

Chiron Wounding Intuitive Readings, by Robin Nicole

I have been guided by my Spirit Guides and my Higher Self to start doing Readings for the collective around your Chiron wounding, which you came into this lifetime to clear. Each person has come into the Earth plane to work through a wounding that needs to be cleared in order for your soul to ascend to the next level. I will start offering private Readings around your wounding in order to help you work through any issues you have in order to empower you to let go and raise your vibration.  These private readings will consist of 1 mp4 transmission, first I will explain your wounding in detail from information I received from the Book “Beyond Doorways”. I will then go on and intuitively Channel from your Guide Team about your wounding in a more specific way and help guide you to how you are doing at this time around this wounding and anything that might come up as to how to assist you to release your wounding in an empowered way.

These readings cost 60Euro/73USD and can be paid through PayPal.

paid through my PayPal link located at the bottom of my home page. (please note you can use a credit card to pay this and don’t need a PayPal account)

Please private message me on FB at Robin Nicole or email and leave your date of birth including the year, so that I can determine your wounding. Once your reading is paid in full you will receive an email with your reading within 4 days.