Past Exhibitions

Fairies in the Garden 20 Unique Ceramic Sculptures by Robin Nicole

These are a series of sculptures Robin Nicole created back in 2005. Her creations are definitely channelled by the Faerie Realm and are of a happy world, a place of luxuriant flowers and exotic butterflies. Nature is at its magnificently rampant best. It is hardly surprising that there are fairies in the garden…faeries happy with themselves, with one another, and totally in tune with their environment.

When Robin was asked why did she create these whimsical and magical creations, her answer was very simple. “I try to capture a little fantasy in the middle of a world hit by terror and darkness almost everywhere we turn.” Her hope is that her sculptures will inspire people to stop and enjoy some of the mystery and magic that is to be found in life.

All of these magical creations have found their forever homes and all that is left of them are the photo’s taken of them. If you would like to have one of these magical creations commissioned for a place in your home. Let Robin know in her email and I’m sure she would love to work with the faeries to bring you a piece of their world to your home.

Robin also creates these life- sized tree people and smaller versions to be used either in your home or in your garden.

The Making of the Tree Men