We Got You

“We Got You” by Intuitive Artist Robin Nicole

This particular tile was shown to me by my team during a meditation. They showed me a woman swinging in the air and being held up by her Guardian Angel. It represents the fact that its okay to trust in your spirit guides and team, let yourself go and know that if you fall down your guides are there to catch you. You will notice the hand in the cloud to catch you if you fall.

Unframed 10 1/2in x 9 1/2in €200 + shipping

Framed €250 + shipping

Mini-pocket size €25 + shipping

I sell them through PayPal. If you’re in another country outside Ireland your local currency exchange rate applies.

If you would like to purchase this artwork please email Robin at robin@calmartstudio.com and Robin will calculate the shipping for you and let you know if the tile is available. Once you purchase the Artwork through the PayPal link located at the bottom of the home page (please note you can pay through credit card into this account without having your own PayPal account). Send an email with your Name, proper mailing address, email address and phone number for FedEx delivery. Robin will let you know when the package is shipped.