Robin Nicole (Daughter of Light) is a Multidimensional Intuitive Artist, a Way-shower of Freedom, and the host of the Shine Your Light Network.

Robin Nicole (Daughter of Light) is a Multidimensional Intuitive Artist, a Way-shower of Freedom, and the host of the Shine Your Light Network where she hosts inspiring conversations and she teaches by example in her personal video blogs.

Robin incarnated onto Earth this lifetime as an Activator to help raise the vibration of humanity, and to assist in bringing in the New Golden Age. Her “Light-Coded” Artwork is the primary medium she creates to accomplish this task. She works closely with her Higher Self which she believes consists not only her Oversoul and Guides, she also works closely with beings from Galactic and other Realms of existence. All of these parts of the Higher Self are Channelled into her Artwork. Her Artwork is filled with light-coded multidimensional messages to help activate and raise the vibration of the collective. All who view her Artwork will receive different codes, depending on what each individual requires at the time.

Robin incorporates meditation, Transference Healing procedures, exercise, crystal healing techniques, visualization and gratitude every day to keep her vessel and auric field clean, clear and balanced in order to raise and hold her vibration. By doing this she is able to hold the light for herself and others.

Robin is called to help others find their SPARK and help them get the courage to SHINE their LIGHT. She strongly believes that every single person has a unique gift that is theirs alone. She believes that when another person puts their unique puzzle piece out into the world and shines their light, then the whole world can be transformed. Robin is active in helping others through her “Shine Your Light Network with Robin Nicole”, Facebook Page and YouTube Channel, as a way-shower inspiring and encouraging others to voice their gifts by providing a platform to verbally share, promote their productions and add their unique form of LIGHT. Robin also does frequent teaching Vlogs and Podcasts to help others work through issues that have arisen in their life, or to help introduce them to the world. She also opened a Facebook group called “New Earth Ascending Community” and works with other Team Leaders to encourage all members to promote themselves and SHINE their LIGHT. In this group all members are considered equal even the Team Leaders and there is no one better than the other.

Come and join the “New Earth Ascending Community” Facebook Group

****Please note this group changed on Sept 2020 to be called the “New Earth Ascending Community” it used to be called “Shine Your Light Network”. Robin decided to change the name in order to fully hand this group over to Unity Consciousness and she helps to run the group with other team leaders. ****

This group is created and intended to be a place where all can share their stories of their Ascension journey to other like- minded individuals. It is meant to be community oriented and a place where everyone can share their truth in their own way. I have learned that we all are GIFTED in our very own special way and each and every one of us needs to SHINE OUR LIGHT out into the world. This group has been created for EVERYONE to have a place to share whatever it is they are doing to raise their vibration, so that we all can live in the New Earth Energy.  It is meant to be a safe place for all to co-create together and form a tribe of new humans. We all are trying to raise our vibration in order to once again be raised into a light-body where we can live in a society full of LOVE and LIGHT.

This group is created FOR ALL. Share your gifts freely. There are no rules here as long as you share your truth with integrity and support and empower other members

Share your Podcasts and LIVE Video’s, Artwork, Light Language, Writings, New Healing Modality’s etc…

When you share your gift’s, the world will light up and we can all become ONE UNITED FAMILY.

Also please leave links for others to be able to find you and purchase whatever it is you bring to the collective.


There are also many new mini workshops created inside this group full of ascension tools to help people while they work at raising their vibration to the New Golden Age.

Shine Your Light Network with Robin Nicole” Video Blogs & Podcasts

This show is all about finding the spark within and shining your light out to the world. I believe that we all have our own very unique and special gifts that is different from everyone else. I also believe that if you can just go inside and find out what makes your heart sing and then shine it out to the world, that each and every one of us can make a difference.

I also believe that each and every one of us has the ability to connect and communicate with our Higher Self and Spirit Guides. It’s just that some of us don’t know how to hear what their guides are telling them. In this show I will teach you how I connect and communicate with my Higher Self through examples from how I go about my life. I will also be bringing on guests from time to time who will show you how they connect and communicate as there are millions of different ways to do this.

The ultimate goal is to help my viewer’s to be able to go within and connect to their Higher Selves and find their spark, without having to go outside to find the answers.

You can find all of the interviews/podcasts/Vlogs in the YouTube page called Shine Your Light Network. Please subscribe to this page to keep up on any new content.

Robin Nicole creates all of her content for free. Donations are graciously accepted.